• April 1, 2021

My Biggest Sports Moment- Darts

Throwing darts is something I got into a long time ago. It’s a skilled throwing sport that is fun and the equipment is generally inexpensive to purchase. And although I have my own board at home, I have often gone to a friends place to throw, a place dubbed “the shed”. A friend of mine has a little building, inside of a big building in his backyard that has been in use since the 80’s. In this shed is where all his friends would meet up for breaks in between work or just come out to visit. One staple of the shed is the dart board. A lot of people have played a lot of darts for many, many years here.

I was about seven months pregnant with my first child when we were into a really exciting game of Cricket, last dart in (last dart in, go again) at the shed. It was a summer night and we had at least three teams of two players. Neck and neck the whole game between our team another, it finally came down to the bulls. The other leading team threw and scored a double bull, then threw again and scored nothing.

When it was my go, I threw and ended up scoring a double with the second dart. When I threw my last dart, that sucker hit the wire on the board and bounced back and stuck itself good enough in the arch of my foot to stand straight up. Everybody gasped and chuckled and wasn’t sure what to do. After I made sure everyone saw it, I asked what the call was, could I throw the dart again? As the rule states, it did not touch the ground, and as such I was allowed to throw that dart again. Plucking the dart from my foot and wiping off the blood, I positioned myself and threw it towards the board. Despite a pierced foot and a adrenaline rush, I scored another double and won the game for my partner and I!