• April 1, 2021

Major Tournaments in Cricket

When it comes to the subject of major tournaments in cricket, you will have to know about the Cricket World Cup which takes place every 4 years or so at different venues of course. The World Cup just like the soccer world cup is played between all of the cricketing nations in the world. It is a big craze especially in countries like India where cricket is the major sport played. Besides the World Cup, there are other tournaments that take place every now and then such as Tri-Series and other similar tournaments. For more information on how you can watch various tournaments that re played without missing a single one of them, you can head to live cricket matches.
However, cricket has evolved a lot in the past few decades. In the past couple of decades, cricket has evolved into a shorter form mainly to please the fans who love to see more the beautiful strokes that the batsmen play with their fancy bats and how the bowlers strategize to try and stop them.

The Twenty20 or the T20 makes it a totally new experience for cricket fans who are accustomed to cricket matches taking place over the course of the whole day. In a way, it is really good because the whole match gets over in the course of 3 hours or so and so you would have to spare lesser time to try and watch the game. Also, there are a limited number of batsmen involved and so they would try their best to hit as much as possible which also means that they would be willing to take more risks than ever and this is probably what excites the spectators. Its funny how risk taking by the players really excites the spectators and the fans.

This is not just noticed in cricket but in other sports such as football and soccer as well. But this evolution of cricket into the shorter version is a really good sign because it shows that the sport as a whole is progressing into a much better game overall to provide a much better experience for everyone.