• April 1, 2021

Cricket World Cup Schedule Starts Iffy for England

The Cricket World Cup 2011 schedule has gone as planned so far. Already, the Cricket World Cup 2011 schedule has seen India, Sri Lanka, and Australia off to good starts in their first match. There are many more matches left to go, and several more teams that haven’t started off yet. Today, England and the Netherlands made their tournament debut, as the English were favored to start strong as well. However, the Cricket World Cup 2011 schedule had a scare today, as England held off the Netherlands by only six wickets.

The English are trying to take a step up, after reaching the quarterfinals in 2007. But the Dutch have never gotten that far, and are just an associate member of the ICC. Therefore, England hoped for a nice, smooth win to start things off, but they had to sweat a bit first.

Beforehand, the Cricket World Cup 2011 schedule had several easy wins, from India, Sri Lanka and Australia. But the English struggled much of the way against the Netherlands, before finally prevailing by six wickets.

This wasn’t unprecedented for the Dutch, as they actually beat England in the Twenty20 World Cup event in 2009. A win here would have been a big statement for the “associate teams” in the tournament, yet they fell just short of finishing it off.

The English prospects on the Cricket World Cup 2011 schedule took a hit, although they weren’t the tournament favorites anyway. However, if they struggled this much against an underdog associate squad, their chances against India, Bangladesh and the rest of Group B look more ominous.

The team will hear these criticisms until Sunday, when they have to face India in a virtual road game at Bangalore. Meanwhile, the Netherlands will try to build on their near miss, by going a step further against the West Indies next Monday.

After today, the Cricket World Cup 2011 schedule has only four teams left that haven’t played yet. Tomorrow’s opening showdown features Pakistan vs Kenya, while South Africa and the West Indies finally have their turn on Thursday.

Once every team gets the opening jitters out of the way, they can move forward through the next month of first round play. But for England, they hope that the rest of the Cricket World Cup 2011 schedule offers better victories than today.